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Ultrathermic Cutting System "HOT SHOT" Kit

Ref.  00002


The finest exothermic equipment for military and law enforcement breaching applications. In service by the best special forces, counter-terrorist and law enforcement groups worldwide.


From portable lightweight systems to custom heavy duty field equipment, Broco constructs torch kits to meet the needs of specialized applications. Broco torch sets are now carried on-board the U.S. Marine Corps' M88A2 Tank Recovery Vehicle and the Army's Forward Recovery System Heavy (FRS-H).Since 1985, specialists within the U.S. Army have extolled the benefits of exothermic torch systems for recovery applications. The Armor Center at Fort Knox recommended the removal of oxy-acetylene torches from recovery vehicles and replacing them with portable exothermic cutting units (PECUs). An exothermic torch can be fielded quickly, with minimum setup, no adjustment, and no preheating. A wider range of materials including exotic alloys and armor plate are easily cut. Thick sections like road arms and other suspension components can be severed in about a minute.

Exothermic torches improve crew safety by eliminating the need for hazardous secondary gases (like acetylene) which are typically carried in the crew compartment. Also by reducing the overall time to complete a job, crew exposure to external hazards is minimized.


Broco's Prime Cut line of tactical thermal breaching torches are the rapid entry and rapid response tool the military and law enforcement count on for critical breaching operations. Broco pioneered portable exothermic torch systems and Broco’s products are the result of years of experience building dependable torch systems for industry, military and grueling underwater commercial diving operations.


The kit contains:
Torch, striker plate, 20´ of oxygen hose, 20´ of power cables, two battery clamps, leather shield for protection during piercing operations, and collets to fit 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" rods.
It includes also a tool box, welding gloves, goggles and two sample packets of Ultrathermic cutting rods (9 rods 1/4" x 18" and 9 rods 3/8" x 18")

Delivery does not include oxygen cylinder and battery!