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Dialer ITL 2000 II Kit

Ref. 00004


The advantages of electronic technology are here at last. Simply set-up the ITL2000II on any standard combination lock (dials right-left-right) with the easy-to-follow instructions and watch as the computer and drive motor go to work for you. Soon, the automatic dialer will have the lock open, saving time, materials and excess labor costs. The ITL2000II can cover the million conceivable combinations of a standard 3 number combination lock in under 30 hours. If one number is known, it can open single-function locks in less than an hour. Powerful enough to work on Mosler 302s.


Lighter programming touch on the key pad
Designed to work unattended
Standard 120 V, 60 cycles (available in 240 V)
1 year warranty on workmanship and materials
Auto shut-off when the combination is found
All components fit into a compact standard size briefcase
Each wheel can be dialed to a number, to every possible dial position, through a predetermined range of numbers
Programmed not to dial numbers in the forbidden zone


Four dialing speeds for loose and unlocked wheels