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Assistant Manipulation Aid V3

Ref: Assistant V3


This is a third Generation Manipulation Aid. Intended to assist the manipulator with manual combination safe locks. The Assistant V3 measures the contact point changes, gives a graphical display with high and low readings, and also a gives a visual display of the wheel positions. (This product requires the facility of loading onto a computer to function - therefore the product needs to be loaded onto your own computer or laptop.) The Assistant V3 has the ability to allow the operator to plot the circumference of each wheel. This product now has a resolution, such that, each division of a ‘0 to 100 dial’ is divided into 40. (Currently has an accuracy of 4000 points per revolution)


The Assistant V3 has the facility to store and save the settings, so that one can leave the job and then return.


The set contains:

Magnetic Stand, Program CD, Super Glue, Power Supply Unit, Rotary Encoder, Interface, Couplings Assembly