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We are Locksmith Tools Manufacturer. We train locksmiths.

New Electronic Pick Set (COMPLETE)

Ref. 3600 EC-SK


This tool is a modification and improvement of the ref. 00270, which has generally been part of the standard equipment of locksmith along-side one of our developed picking tools.


Over the course of the last years the manufacturers of cylinder locks have been taking technical provisions to prevent the manipulation of the lock cylinders.


The actual innovation and consequently the core piece of the ZIEH-FIX® Electronic-Pick is the new electronics, which has been completely integrated into the handle and therefore allows to regulate the high percussion frequency necessary for opening even high-quality lock systems.


Also new is the incorporated battery compartment in the handle which enables a smooth replacement of the energy source and is suitable for internationally used batteries (4 x Mignon, AA, 1.5 Volt) as well as rechargeable batteries.


In case of new developments the tools can be upgraded by re-programming them in our factory. Information to this will be published on our web page in due course.


The new handle with the incorporated electronics is available separately. Consequently all old models of the ZIEH-FIX® Electro-Pick II (with the black handle) can be altered if necessary, as the gear heads of both tools are compatible.


Besides the Electro Pick the set also contains:

ref.    description

00271 Plastic Operation Case

3600   New Electronic Pick

3516E Pick "Novum"

3517E Pick "Novum"

00241 Tension Tool

00251 Tension Tool

00260 Tension Tool

00263 Tension Tool



3498E    Torque & Tension Tool

00292w  Flipper

00305    Novum Pick Set

3670      Car Pick Set

CD-4000 ZIEH-FIX Electro-Pick®