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We are Locksmith Tools Manufacturer. We train locksmiths.

Electro Pick Set

Ref. 00270

The cordless rechargeable electric pick gun works after the principle "Transfer of Energy". The necessary hit frequency as well as the hit hardness of the pick is produced by an eccentric motion. That way a simple opening of pin and disk tumbler locks with several pins is possible.


The electro-pick allows to duplicate exact raking motion at many times per second. The gun rakes open pin and disc tumbler cylinders using a rapid up and down striking movement, which causes the top and bottom pins to separate, meeting the shearline.


This tool meets all future requirements through continuous new developments of pick needles and accessories from our production.


o Developed and made in Germany

o for high standards

o manufactured with extremely precision

o simple handling


The electro pick includes::

00271 plastic case

00272 charger 12v

2701E straight blade

00288 angel blade

00241 straight tension wrench

00251 angel tension wrench

00264 long tension wrench

00265 extra long tension wrench