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Morticer Jig

Ref. 01006a


The best value mortice jig available. Cuts a mortice in all wooden & aluminium doors.


The jig and its precision cutters will cut a mortise in hardwood, softwood, composite doors and with the use of special cutters, aluminum doors as well, all in under five minutes.


For best results use a drill with 2-3000 rpm with "Hammer Action" off and 12.7 mm (1/2") chuck.

Maximum Mortice depth: Standard Shaft 90 mm (3.5") and optional Long Shaft 154 mm (6")


The delivery also contains:

Wood Cutter, 19 mm (3/4") Ø

Wood Cutter, 22.2 mm (7/8") Ø

Wood Cutter, 25.4 mm (1") Ø