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We are Locksmith Tools Manufacturer. We train locksmiths.

Kitbor. Chubb Lock Opening Set

Ref. 00190

With this tool it is possible to open high security systems with double bitted key destruction-freely and to produce a duplicate key.


Hold tension to the bolt mechanism of the lock with a counterbalance bar and counterweights. Now move with the sensing device every individual lever of the lock to the right position that is necessary to open the lock.


At the sensing device is also an index finger. On the basis of the template installed at the lock, the index finger shows the key cut depth that is necessary to duplicate a key.


The set contains:

Kitbor Bolt Tension Tool for CR 2251; MOTTURA 771, 571, 42751, EZCURRA M70, MCM: 1.108, 1.813, 808; META; FAC: 480; LINCE:25610, 25600; CISA: 57010, 57018, 57211, 57220, 57250, 57255; JUWEL-UCEM: 1004, 1006, 1108, 1176; FIAM: 3136; SAAB: 510; SECUREMME: 2000, 2002


We highly recommend our Kitbor seminar for a better use of this tool


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