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We are Locksmith Tools Manufacturer. We train locksmiths.

Quadview Plus 2

Ref. 00552


Whether you are impressioning keys, inspecting lock parts or working on time lock movements, you'll appreciate the sharp, clear magnification and illuminating side lights on this product. In this model, the side lights and lens options are built-in and easily accessible.


Four levels of magnification (1.8 to 4.8) are built in:

Magnification 1.8 - Lens 1

Magnification 2.3 - Lens 1+2

Magnification 3.7 - Lens 1+3

Magnification 4.8 - Lens 1+2+3


The Quadview Plus 2 is lightweight in design with an adjustable velcro headband. You can work for hours without discomfort.

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