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We are Locksmith Tools Manufacturer. We train locksmiths.

Key Cutting Machine SARATOGA

Ref. Saratoga


MIXED machine with 2 units:

1. Cutting of flat keys (cylinder lock and car) and cross-shaped keys, with a reversible 4-side clamp and a micrometric tracer point with centesimal adjustment.


2. Cutting of mortise lock keys (single and double blade), front keys and special keys like ref FO-4.P and FO-6.P keys. It also has 3 optional slides for cutting regata keys (RG)(SEA, OPEL, MERCEDES), for code copying of FO- 6.P (FT-COD) keys and also a slide for Abloy keys (ABL).



  • 220V-50Hz
  • 590 x 260 x 470; 43 Kg
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