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We are Locksmith Tools Manufacturer. We train locksmiths.

Wafer Reader

Ref. 2525


Generate New Automotive Keys Without Removing Or Dissembling The Lock


The Wafer Reader works on cars using standard wafer style locks. Insert the tool into any door or deck/tailgate lock to quickly and efficiently read the lock tumblers. There is no need to purchase multiple tools.


One kit covers most domestic and import vehicles.


With just a few hours of practice, you can quickly generate keys for any car using standard wafer locks.


Just set up the reader and guide, insert them into the lock and pull out the reader to create a drawing of the key profile.


Use our gauges or site read the key profile to cut your key by code or simply attach the key template or drawing made with the Wafer Reader to the appropriate key and begin cutting with the Nibbler Key Cutter.

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