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We are Locksmith Tools Manufacturer. We train locksmiths.

Vision Pick Set 3 in 1

Ref. 00211-rgn


Specially designed for Auto Lock openings, it can be used on all wafer locks.

o View into and magnify and illuminate keyway

o Picks wafer locks

o Read wafer locks

o Inspects locks

o Safe work


The Navigator 3 in 1 Scope is the most unique locksmith scope in the market.


It not only allows viewing and reading wafer lock´s functions, but also picks the lock.


It comes with 3 different sizes (6 pieces) hard depressors designed to fit into every different size wafer Locks (long, short, big,small) and 1 uniquely 1.48" long tube speculum designed for some hard-to-see areas and safe openings.


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