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We are Locksmith Tools Manufacturer. We train locksmiths.

Car Opener

Ref. 00700


With this extraction tool door locks and ignition locks can be removed quickly. Subsequent opening and starting of the vehicles are possible with a screwdriver.


Each expert knows how difficult and time consuming the milling out of the ignition lock can be and how time-consuming and ungrateful these works are.


This technique also uses the ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screws, which are screwed into the keyway. The tool can also be used with locks in the handlebars of motorbikes. Finally you can avoid splinters in the bearing of the bike's handlebars


o Also suitable for motorcycle locks - no more chips in the steering tube

o Delivery with Percussion Hammer of 600 g weight

o Ideal for wrecking-services and exploitation companies

o additionally a Percussion Hammer of 1600 gram weight is available



Ref. description

00214 Screw Standard

00215 Screw Extra

00216 Screw Super

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