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We are Locksmith Tools Manufacturer. We train locksmiths.

General Opening Technique

General Opening Technique


Trained by José Luis García de Vicuña and Daniel Muñoz


Duration: 3 days

(usually on weekend: FRI: 10-19h, SAT: 9-20h, SUN: 9-13h)


Number of Students: 8 people



  • Basic notions of different kinds of locks.
  • Lever & pump locks.
  • How does a cylinder work? Parts and lock case (dismantle).
  • Cylinder alignment.
  • Preparing a master key system.
  • Unlocking cylinders with extractor tools.
  • Shield Protection Manipulation
  • How do we unlock with Electro-picking?
  • Tubular locks.
  • Hand picking.
  • Bumping Technique
  • Unlocking Tricks.



This Training Course includes 2 HOTEL NIGHTS, BREAKFAST and 3 DAYS LUNCH.

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